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Sept 8th, 2018

Just wrapped a 6 month contract on board the Grand Princess.

Looking forward to 7 glorious weeks of rejuvenation 😎, celebrations 🥂 and adventure 🛩.

After that?  I’m flying to Melbourne to join the Golden Princess! 🇦🇺🛳



I’m Leigh.

I’m equal parts performer and online entrepreneur. I currently live and work on cruise ships. I’m super into holisticic wellness and lifestyle design through location-independent income generating strategies.

Oh, and I’m obsessed with wanting to be a dog mom.

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I’m a professional entertainer, health enthusiast and a massive side-hustler.

I think the idea of the “Starving Artist” is not only archaic but totally lame.

I’m all about lifestyle design through location independent income and holistic wellness.

I’m here to share with you from my own journey and peel back the curtain on the strategies, skills, and tools I use myself to generate online income and the resources I use to ensure I stay physically and emotionally healthy to keep up with my demanding gigging lifestyle.

In short, I want to equip you with everything you need to ensure you do not live the life of a “starving artist”…

But a life where you get to THRIVE.