About Me

I am equal parts artist and entrepreneur.

Music is something that moves me to my very core.  It causes the most intimate and integral parts of my spirit to stand at attention.  When I hear music or an artist that moves me in a meaningful way,  I am immediately reduced to tears;  We’re talking cascades of water streaming down my face, short of breath, snot-nosed instantaneous ugly-crying.  But on the other side of my breakdown is inspiration.  A quiet knowing that is firmly urging me to create.  

Music may not be the thing you are moved to do in a moment of divine inspiration…and it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, nothing in life would be special anymore if we were all equally talented in all areas.  But even if music isn’t your “thing”, there’s no doubt that it’s a powerful modality of soul-level communication and a conductor of inspiration and courage.

And so, dear one…  I make music in hopes that someone may hear it and be powerfully moved to lean into their own unique gifting and purpose.  That they’ll be reminded how very special they are and will have the courage to show up in this life in a way that only they can.  And that whomever encounters their unique expression will be equally moved to live into their own purpose in a way that is radical, raw and unashamedly, unapologetically honest and authentic.

Inspiration begets inspiration…  and this life is far more exciting when it hits and you have the courage to do with it what only YOU can do.  

I also believe to inspire somebody to their own greatness without teaching them how to implement it is a bit of a cruel joke.  

And that is why I am compelled to share parts of my heart with you that extend so much further beyond my music.  

After over a decade of working as a full-time performer and musician, I have learned some valuable lessons and come to some powerful conclusions about what it means to live out this artist’s life.  

There seems to be a GLARING misconception that in choosing to have a career in the arts, you are choosing to be a “starving artist”.  

I’ve got news for you, people…  “Success” isn’t reserved for the few at the top anymore while the rest of us struggle and live in squalor.  

The rules have changed…COMPLETELY.  

In today’s online frontier you can achieve any level of success you like as YOU define it based on what YOU value most through the principles of entrepreneurship and digital marketing.  

I am an artist who has no interest in struggling and simply surviving…

I am an artist who chooses to THRIVE.  

I believe in order to thrive, you require several things;

A rich spiritual life.  

A life of vibrant health.  

An empowering mindset.

The resources to obtain anything and everything you desire to create for yourself in this life.  

I believe that many of those resources can be sourced from the wonderful world of online entrepreneurship.  

Let me make sure you haven’t missed this, dear one, because it is vitally important that you understand;  

Being an artist does NOT mean you have to sacrifice quality of life.  


I don’t pretend to be an expert or somebody who has it all together already, but along the way, I have learned some things and developed some skills that have greatly contributed to my own success and added to my quality of life as an artist.

When you get down to it, I’m just a girl who has made a decision to move in a different direction from the limiting beliefs that have held me back in the past…

And I would like to invite YOU to come WITH me as I share with you from my own journey through spirituality, health, and mindset as well as teach you the philosophies, skills and resources I have been and am currently implementing to ensure that I do not live the life of a “starving artist”…