To Assist you in your entrepreneurial and online business journey, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite tools and resources from around the interwebs.


Full Disclosure:  Because I want to be completely transparent with you guys, I’m letting you know that some of the links placed on this page are affiliate links.  That means if you do decide to purchase through them, I will receive a small commission for which I say a resounding THANK YOU!  My affiliate income helps go toward the maintenance of this site so I can keep providing you with killer content, tools and resources to assist you in your journey.


Online Tools

Email Service Provider

If you’re in the business of making money online, you NEED to build an email list.  I love ConvertKit for its simple and beautiful interface, ease of use and automation abilities.  It makes it super easy to segment your list and make sure you’re only marketing to people about the specific elements of your business and brand that interest them.


Lead Capture/Sales Funnels

When you are promoting anything online, you need a way to “capture” your leads contact information so you can continue to reach out and market to them.  Clickfunnels is my favorite tool for building lead-capture pages and sales funnels for products, services or opportunities you are marketing.   It integrates seamlessly with a multitude of industry standard email service providers, (including Convertkit,)is an amazing tool for building membership sites to deliver digital products and/or train your clients or team, and it’s one of the few software programs like this that will process secure payments for you as well.  They offer a FREE 14 Day Trial for you to test drive all of their amazing features.


link tracking

In the world of online marketing, you always want to be able to track absolutley everything.  Bitly is a great tool that lets you create unique, trackable links with in-depth reporting not only on how many clicks your links are getting, but what websites, social media platforms, and other sources your traffic is actually coming from so you know where your audience is actually hanging out online.  When you know where to find your audience and what kinds of things they are actually clicking on, you can reach and serve them that much more effectively.


domain names and hosting

Branding is essential in online business, so the ability to purchase custom domains and a place to host your own website is an absolute necessity.  Your website is like your own little corner of online “real estate” where you own and get to control the entire audience experience, (unlike social media platforms where you don’t own any of the content/information and the rules can be changed at any time… think Facebook and the demise of organic, unpaid traffic.)  I use GoDaddy for all of my domains and hosting for my WordPress sites.


app integration

Sometimes, you just need a little help getting all of your online tools to play nicely.  Zapier is a killer tool that seamlessly integrates hundreds of apps across the internet from all different developers.  The setup of “zaps” is easy and very intuitive with step-by-step tutorials to ensure you get it set up right every time.



Eliminate the need for questions like, “when is good for you?”  YouCanBook.Me is such a great tool to streamline the appointment process.  It integrates with your existing calendars to determine what times you are free so that your prospects can choose the time that works best for them.  No more phone/text/email tag looking for that perfect window of opportunity to connect.