There is a space between my thoughts.

A place behind and above my conscious thoughts that is wide and expansive.

It is a place where I feel warm energy collecting in my open and upturned palms and my fingertips begin to vibrate with quiet excitement. My heartbeat pulses softly and steadily throughout my body and all becomes quiet and still, like the glassy surface of a lake when the first streaks of daylight peek over the edge of the horizon.

It’s steady. Peaceful. Consuming. And Beautiful….

Fear is a funny creature.

It’s like a well-meaning family member; somebody you didn’t necessarily choose to have around, but somebody who knows you intimately and knows exactly what to say and what buttons to push in order to influence you to do exactly what they want you to do.

That is not to say it’s malicious or self-serving in any way.

In fact, fear is one of the most selfless creatures out there.

Its soul motivation is to protect YOU at all costs.

The problem is, it doesn’t realize what it is keeping you from in cautioning you to back away from the edge of the unknown…